Always looking forward

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Always looking forward

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It’s been a tough week this week not only laid low by a cold but also very impatient to get started on Train of Dreams.  But I will not give in I must finish one of the current sewings before starting a new one.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t get everything together though and so I’ve made a list of fabric and extra threads that I need so that when I do finish one I’m ready to go on the next.

Fairy tales quick stitch cross stitch
Fairy Tales 31st Jan

This week it was the turn of Fairy Tales on the rotation and I am now a quarter of the way through having completed page 3 of 12.  Page 3 was a small page and quicker to get done but this was mostly background and there’s only so many rows of the same colour I can do before getting bored.  So I broke it up with browsing on the internet, doing some writing and looking forward to next week when I pick up Sun Kissed again.  I have been thinking about adding some more gridding lines to this one to make it easier to count across to all the little individual stitches that are dotted about.  I think there should be time to get some in before the end of the evening.

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