I keep thinking that I should come up with something to keep in one place all of the pictures of cross stitches I have completed, a journal of the stitching that is currently in progress, scans of pictures I have doodled and painted and finally a place to keep together all of the bits and pieces of writing I have done, little short stories dotted around the internet on various websites.

A journal or a scrapbook would be good and fun to make, but then they are very difficult to share and to show people when they ask ‘What are you working on now?’

I have been stitching now for around 22 or 23 years but I did take a break for a bit when grumpy cat came into our home; I had this idea that he would chase the threads or eat the needles but he isn’t too bad, he only has a thing for chewing paintbrushes.   I have also started writing more recently mostly for myself or little stories to entertain others, Bellin’s diary is an example of this, a diary of little tales written as the character that I play in an online game.  There are other Bellin stories scattered here and there, another thing I should gather together and keep safe here.

That’s enough about me for now I have a picture waiting to be stitched.


Nicola, June 2009

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