Back to one at a time – nearly

October 13, 2014 admin 1 min read 1 Comment
Whispers 10th October

Back to one at a time – nearly

October 13, 2014 Nikki 1 min read 1 Comment

Sewing time again and I’m still sticking with Whispers.  Page 34 of 56 done now so still a long way to go but the next page will mean the end of a row.

There’s something about filling in around a focal point that really makes your focal point stand out.  After getting the dress page done it needed a page of mostly background to make the dress details stand out and start looking like folds of fabric.  The same thing is happening with the drape of fabric that she is holding along with the doll.  The other good thing about the background is that it feels like I can get through areas a lot quicker, it makes a change to have a block that is only two or three colours.

The plan is to stick with Whispers for as long as I can, and what with spending the odd evening doing colouring or knitting I’m finding that I don’t feel the urge to keep switching what I’m stitching.  Am I becoming a reformed one at a timer?  Maybe not, I still have Into The Sea that I’m working on during lunch hour and whenever we pop out for a weekend afternoon.  I’ve been putting a few update pictures of Into The Sea onto the Crafty Writer Facebook page and I’ll do a blog update once I’ve finished the page.

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  • Alicia October 26, 2014 at 10:16 am

    I agree Nicola sometimes it takes the background to make the foreground come to life. She is amazing! My favourite of your all your beautiful wips! Go for the row finish stunner Rah Rah!!!
    xo Alicia

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