New Cross-Stitch Pattern ‘Shop’

February 20, 2024 admin 1 min read

New Cross-Stitch Pattern ‘Shop’

February 20, 2024 Nikki 1 min read

My hubby and myself have created a brand new ‘shop’ with a difference. We are adding my own cross-stitch patterns, using digital images we are both creating. I am currently stitching one of them – yet to be released on the shop, but I will share progress soon!

What’s different is – we aren’t charging for the patterns. Yep we just want to share my designs with other stitchers, gratis. We will be adding more and more designs as we getting them converted into PDF’s, and we are ensuring they are compatible with Pattern Keeper app, as it’s such a useful tool (I used it for nearly every x-stitch project).

You can find the new website here; – feel free to download some patterns, and to spread the word!

Nikki Stitch's pattern shop front page