2023 Works In Progress

November 26, 2023 admin 1 min read
Nikki B flosstube video screenshot

2023 Works In Progress

November 26, 2023 Nikki 1 min read
I often post videos on my youTube channel, where you can watch me stitch or let me take you through project updates. This is my round-up of the work in progress, 2023 edition.

My 2023 WIP Parade – about time I recorded another flosstube video, and here it is – my full coverage cross stitch WIP parade. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these from other stitchers in the coming month or so, I thought I’d get in early as I’ve just completed one. It doesn’t cover the non-full-coverage sewings I have on the go – those aren’t planned into my stitching year so I’ll just show those as they pop up.

In this video I take you through the following sewing projects:

Snow Girl (40% complete)
Bizarre Bookshelf (19% complete)
A Stitch in Time (54% complete)
Winter, Porth Dinllaen (60% complete)
QS Yexian (43% complete)
Santa Paws (9% complete)
Home in the Mountains (3% complete)
Trick of Treat (39% complete)
A Little Light Reading (FINISHED!)

The frames I mostly use (and the stand) are from  @OmanikFactory  Рincluding the super wide one I needed! https://omanikfactory.com/