Stole Finished

August 12, 2013 Nikki
Ringwraith Stole

This one has been a little while in the making, or the knitting.  I love the Lord of the Rings story and I’m a fan of the films too so as well as stitching Eternal Promise I was happy to […]

New Knitting Gadgets

July 24, 2013 Nikki

A good gadget should make your life easier.  Over the years I’ve had plenty of gadgets that I’ve used once or twice and then set them aside because they didn”t make things easier. When I first got back into knitting […]

Mystery Knitting Finished

June 30, 2013 Nikki
Germinate Shawl Blocked

On June 1st I started knitting along on a mystery knitting project by Through The Loops.  Each Saturday a new clue was sent out and you’d spend the week knitting it.  In my case I spent the weekend knitting it […]

Another Finish

May 28, 2013 Nikki
Eskarina Socks

It isn’t the first time but after finishing a sewing I’m finding it a little difficult to get back to one of my others.  I decided to get back to Whispers after my finish but I’ve been struggling to immerse […]

Dare to Dream Shawl

March 29, 2013 Nikki
Dare to dream blocked up close

Another shawl finish to share with you today.  I wasn’t expecting to get it done so quickly as Thursday evenings are the only time that I reserve for knitting but I did grab an extra day last Friday before my […]

Knitting Update – A Finish

March 5, 2013 Nikki
Mariposa Shawl

I finished my first shawl!  It was a lot quicker than I expected but it didn’t really take me long to get back into remembering stitches.  The body of the shawl was really quick as I only worked on it […]

Socks Finished

February 11, 2013 Nikki
First pair of finished socks

No stitching update this week, there was so little stitching time that I don’t really have any progress on Snow Girl to show.  It’s down to a mix of things mostly time related and when I did sit down to […]

Little Princess and new scarf

October 25, 2011 Nikki
Little Princess 25th October

Progress has been very slow on Little Princess.  Maybe it’s because the end is in sight or maybe it’s because there are so many colours and only a few stitches of each of them.  I think it’s a combination of […]

Knitting and Stitching

June 19, 2011 Nikki
Whispers 19th June

First a Whispers update.  I’ve made good progress this week and finished page 6.  Just one more page now and I will have finished the first row of pages which was one of my yearly goals.  I need a break […]

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