Rotate or Not Rotate

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Rotate or Not Rotate

May 29, 2011 Nikki 2 min read No Comments

Page 5 of Whispers is finished.  I think I had almost forgotten what it was like to stitch a big block of colour and how slow it can feel.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand why it can seem to take longer to stitch a block of one colour than to stitch the same size area constantly changing colours.

Whispers 29th May
Whispers 29th May

But a nice bit of sky to finish the page off came as a welcome break from all of those branches, especially as once the other colours were in I didn’t need to look at the pattern.  The only drawback was that it gave me too much time to think about what to do next.  Page breaks are usually a good time to swap projects and work on something else for a change.  The trouble is that I can see the end of the first row of pages, just two more pages and I’m one-eigth of the way through.

Then again I did leave Computer Catastrophes with a page partially done so part of me wants to get that one out and get the page finished.  Then there’s Little Princess waiting patiently for my attention to return.

Biggest thing of all is that I’m getting a new frame.  It’s got a long journey ahead of it so I’m having to be very patient for a couple of weeks.  Whispers is going to take pride of place on the new frame so now might be a good time to get that first page on computer catastrophes finished.

The knitting is going well, the twisty scarf is beginning to look twisty.  I’ll get a picture when the light is better.

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