All Aboard

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All Aboard

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I got started on Train of Dreams this week.  Another from Heaven and Earth Designs based on some artwork by Randal Spangler.  I loved it as soon as I saw it and from then on it was just a matter of time until I started it.  With the best of intentions I was going to wait until I had finished one of the others in my rotation but in the end I just changed the rotation to a three week one.

Train of Dreams
Train of Dreams 22 Feb

I started on Monday having done most of the preparation the week before and I began with two strands of thread and half cross stitch but after two hundred or so black stitches I decided that I wasn’t happy with the coverage and unpicked them all.  So I restarted using just one strand but doing full crosses.  This means that it should take a little longer to stitch but I’m happier with the results which is most important.

With Fairy Tales I’ve been working across each page in ten row blocks but with this one it feels better to work on each element of the picture, there’s a good mixture of blocks of colour and patches of confetti stitching.  It all works well together though I’ve almost got two books stitched but the part that has taken the most time are the little leaves that overhang the books.  I’ve been so happy stitching this that I really don’t want the rotation week to end but I must stick to my plans and tonight I move back onto Sun Kissed.

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