Little Princess Row Finished

October 8, 2011 admin 2 min read 3 Comments
Little Princess 8th October

Little Princess Row Finished

October 8, 2011 Nikki 2 min read 3 Comments
Little Princess 8th October
Little Princess 8th October

Getting back to Little Princess after a break to stitch on Curl Up seems to have given me a speed burst on Little Princess.  I left her with half a page to finish before getting onto the last page of the row and I’ve finished both in a week.

I don’t think that speed is going to stay with me though it was probably seeing the end of the row in sight that spurred me on.

She is being scrolled up on the frame now so that I can get my gridlines in ready to get started on the next row.  I’m onto the skirt of her dress now and her legs.  This is the last full row of four pages, the next row is just two small pages for her shoes.

Last time I mentioned not having my organisers for Curl Up and how I felt it slowed me down.

For each of my Heaven and Earth Designs projects I have two Pako needle organisers set up to the right of my chair.  Each one can hold 50 needles so I need two for all 90 odd colours that I’m working with.  Each needle is threaded so when I get to a colour I can just pick up the needle and get stitching.  Also on the table are my scissors, tweezers and a little glass jar that I put the ends of my threads in rather than just put them down where they migrate onto the floor or around the house.  We nailed some little hooks onto the table so that if I am working with floss bags, such as with Whispers where she has her own threads set aside, the rings of the floss bags can be hung on the hooks.

Needle Organisers
Needle Organisers
Thread Organisers
Thread organisers

To the left hand side are my thread organisers, again by Pako, and they hold the rest of the thread that I’m using.  I don’t like to have it loaded up with lots of the same colour (although it can hold several lengths on each peg).  I’ll cut a 12 inch length from the bobbin in my thread drawers, take one strand for threading in my needle and then put the other strands onto the thread organiser.  It does mean that I have to keep cutting lengths from the bobbins but I think my thread stays cleaner by staying in the drawers.  I also make sure that the symbols are in the same place on both of the organiser types, it makes it a lot quicker to find the threads once you’ve used the strand on your needle.  What I haven’t done for this project is to make a one page thread list.  The symbol key is usually over three pages so what I have done with Whispers is to cut them into strips and then stick them onto one page and laminate it.  The key gets used a lot so this makes it nice and durable.


  • Linda October 9, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Thanks for the demonstration of your organisers! They seem very handy – I am impressed =) Looking forward to see how the little princess will look once she’s finished.

    Have a nice week!

  • Linda October 9, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Oh, I forgot to ask… Do you keep the needles on the parked threads then? I am thinking you are, since otherwise you would have to re-thread the threads all the time?

    • Nikki October 10, 2011 at 8:06 am

      At the moment I’m not parking my threads on the stitching because Little Princess has so many colour changes I just couldn’t juggle all of those threads. I’m working each column colour by colour so I can keep track properly. Normally I leave the needle on the thread and jab the needle into the fabric wrapped around the roller bar which keeps them safe. With the needle organiser the thread stays on the needle which saves time finding the place to put it away and then finding the colour again when you need to rethread your needle.

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