Is It A Rotation

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Is It A Rotation

April 6, 2015 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

Whispers is my focus this year but there are others that I’m working on now and then.  I’m not sure if it’s really a rotation but I have been doing some page swaps recently.  This page was QS Queen of Hearts and I’ve finished page 9 but it’s only the fourth page I’ve stitched.  I started at the bottom and I’m working backwards, I’m also working the pages right to left just to confuse things even more.

It’s the first piece of Hannah Lynn art that I’ve stitched (you can just about make out her signature on the stitching).  I’ve been working each page by stitching the black parts of the page first and then colouring in with the rest of the colours.  So far there has been a lot of red and it makes a nice change from the blues on Whispers.  I’m stitching two strands in half cross stitch too, still not sure if I’m fully sold on the half crosses but I do like the greater depth of colour from the two strands of thread for this style of picture.

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