Little Princess and new scarf

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Little Princess 25th October

Little Princess and new scarf

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Progress has been very slow on Little Princess.  Maybe it’s because the end is in sight or maybe it’s because there are so many colours and only a few stitches of each of them.  I think it’s a combination of the two.  This is the top half of the page completed but it does take me to the bottom of her dress.

Glutton for punishment that I am I’ve decided to not finish the page and stitch her legs and the start of her shoes instead I’m going to carry on with the dress across the next two pages.  Of course it does mean that once the dress is done there’s only legs and shoes to stitch.  Somewhere it my mind it makes sense to stitch her like that.

Fingers crossed I should have the dress almost finished by the time the last sal page comes out around the end of next week.  That means I’ll be able to finish Curl Up before going back to finish Little Princess.  After all that I’m planning to spend the end of the year working on Whispers.

New scarf
New scarf

To help cope with stitching Little Princess I’ve started a new scarf.  It’s getting cold and I saw a really nice pattern in a magazine.  It’s knitted with Alpaca which is a nice treat and it’s about three quarters of the length of a regular scarf as one end buttons around your neck.  Means it needs less yarn, just the one ball, and there isn’t so much bulk to tuck inside your coat.  It’s coming along nice a quickly thanks to those needed breaks from Little Princess.

The pattern is really nice, it looks like a cable but there’s a stitch that wraps the yarn around the parts that come together.  I did spend ages the first night trying to work out where I had gone wrong but luckily for me it was the pattern that was wrong.

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