Gallery Added

June 23, 2009 admin 1 min read 1 Comment

Gallery Added

June 23, 2009 Nikki 1 min read 1 Comment

Updated with a gallery of  some of my finished and framed pictures, just some of the many.  I’ll have to gather together those pictures that are waiting to be framed and get some photos of those for another update.

At the moment I’m working on Woodland Enchantress a Dimensions Gold kit that took a bit of a break while I was stitching a birth sampler.

woodland enchantress 14th June
woodland enchantress 14th June

As you can see from the picture it’s coming along nicely at the moment, there’s a lot of colours and some of the stitches are half-crosses but use four and sometimes five strands of threads.  My main gripe about it at the moment is that the threads really tangle when you try to separate them but luckily I’ve got a gadget that helps with that.  I’ll try to get a picture of how I have everything laid out while I’m stitching it looks a bit cluttered but it works well.  I was doing a lot of work on the dress and then decided that I should spend some time getting some of the background in, I’m about to get more of the skirt done getting down to the bottom of the picture before working across again on the bottom portion.

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  • Conny July 14, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    The Secret and the Tuscan Garden are for me the best. What makes them so beautiful are the wavy contours. 🙂

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