Fairy Update

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Fairy Update

July 30, 2010 Nikki 2 min read No Comments
Faces of Faery #70 30th July
Faces of Faery #70 30th July Week 5

It’s taken just over a week but I managed to finish page 2 and stitch the small page 3 on Faces of Faery #70.  Once I had got her hair done it was time to move onto those lovely feathery wings.  I’m not sure that the photograph picks it up but the highlights in the wings are sparkly thread, I’m using the Rainbow Galleries Petite Treasure Braid and using some Thread Heaven on it to help it through the fabric.  The top row of my faery is now complete so there are only 3 smaller pages to go and as I can’t resist I’m already kitting up for my next project.  The plan now is to start another Heaven and Earth Designs chart Whispers by Nene Thomas.  It’s a huge project and I think it will take me about five years to complete, I should say longer than that as I know what I’m like for getting side tracked.  So far I have the fabric and I’ve ordered my threads, I’m getting them all together especially where multiple skeins are needed so that I don’t have any problems with dye lots.  In stitching I’ve found nothing more demoralising than a change in dye lots midway through a picture so I’m minimising the risk.  Faery Face will be finished before I start the new one (possibly), but I’ll try to remember to post pictures of how I prepare my fabric and gridding.

Next it’s time to move back to the Train of Dreams to stitch page 4, although it will be interrupted for the Sunny StoryKeep stitch along that I’m taking part in.

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