I can see a shadow

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Santa Owl 7th Feb

I can see a shadow

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Updates on Santa Owl are a little funny because at the moment there isn’t a lot to see, just green.  It makes me think of spring though and now it isn’t so dark when I get home from work I’m beginning to look forward to a time when it isn’t so cold to sit in my sewing corner.

I’m using q-snaps on this one so I’m a lot more mobile and can seek out warmer spots in the house and as there is only a few shades of green then it isn’t so difficult to keep track of where I’m up to.  At the end of this page I got to use a couple of darker shades of green, you might need to look really closely but there is a bit of a shadow in the top right corner.

With the page finished I’m heading back to my stitching spot and page 40 on Whispers, my annual bad cold has slowed me down, I’ve been too tired to concentrate on my sewing.  On the mend now though and hoping to use the weekend to make up for some lost sewing time.

I’ve had a bit of a re-vamp of the blog layout to make the pictures bigger.  It started because I decided I wanted to keep my cards on a separate blog so I was looking out for a new theme.  I hope you like this one I think the pictures really stand out more.

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