Falling Behind

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Into The Sea 13th Feb

Falling Behind

February 25, 2015 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

Falling behind with my posts again.  This time I’m going to blame it on having a really bad cold, so bad I didn’t do any stitching for nearly a week.  I kept myself from being bored by watching lots of you tube videos on stitching and colouring, it was so relaxing I’d really recommend it.

Before that though I finished another page on Into The Sea, page 8 is now complete and it took a lot longer than the other pages because it had so many more colours.  The edge around the hair looks amazing though.

This is my lunchtime stitching piece so it only gets worked during the week, slow and steady progress on this one.  The next page is her face so again I’m expecting lots of colour changes and slow progress.  If you follow my facebook page you will probably have seen the progress I’ve made on page 9 already, (you can catch up in the side bar if you missed it).

Back soon with an update on Whispers.

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