Quick Update

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Quick Update

August 10, 2009 Nikki 2 min read No Comments

It’s been a little while since my last update, and although I would like to say that I have been busy with stitching and writing I’m afraid that I haven’t.  And yet as I say that I think back and remember that I’ve finished a smaller sewing that was put to one side after a miscount I hadn’t been able to spot, yesterday I put the finishing touches onto the front of the dress of the Woodland Enchantress – I shall get pictures taken as soon as possible .  I also have a growing pile of notes and ideas for a story or two.  I do enjoy spending the whole evening just writing down stories as they come into my head the thing is that as soon as Grumpy Cat sees that I have a pen in my hand and a pad of paper on my knee (whenever I’m working on ideas I tend to not work at a desk) he thinks that he would like a cuddle and will sit on the pad of paper and demand fussing.  I could get so much more done but I couldn’t possibly force him off.

Back to the creativity though and I am already looking at a small project to start next I’ve got all of the threads together and I’m just about to measure out my fabric but I also treated myself to one of the Michael Powell Bookmark kits so I think I shall do that one first, it’s only little it shouldn’t take long.

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