New project

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New project

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Fairy Tales Quick Stitch 25th December
Fairy Tales QS 25 Dec 2009

I started this one back in early December after my last finish.  The design is called Fairy Tales and is a freebie from Heaven and Earth Designs, just a pdf download from their website

I have attempted one in the past but I chose to stitch with one strand over one on 25ct linen fabric and it really wasn’t working; but I’m always looking at the website and getting tempted to try again so I thought I would do this quick stitch design.  This time I decided to go with evenweave and two strands of thread, after a little while I was struggling to get the needle through so I decided to change to tent stitch (half cross).  There was no way I was going to unpick the full stitches that I had already done; they’re only in the corner so it doesn’t notice too much.  I’ve also done some token gridding on this piece, it isn’t something I usually do, I’ve marked out the outline of the pages of the pattern using some nylon thread which can be pulled out easily once the stitching is done.  It’s a useful way of knowing where you are and allows you to start anywhere you want my first page is the top left corner.  I’m really enjoying this at the moment so The Enchanter has once again taken a back seat all the stitching is done on that one so I just have to do the backstitch and the beading I think I shall see if I can get it done before new year.

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