A good start to the year

January 3, 2010 admin 2 min read 2 Comments

A good start to the year

January 3, 2010 Nikki 2 min read 2 Comments

It isn’t often that I start the new year by finishing a cross stitch but I managed it this year.  I have finally finished The Enchanter by Teresa Wentzler.

Enchanter Finished
Enchanter Finished 1st Jan 2010

I say finally because I started it roughly 10 years ago, so long that I can’t remember when but I’m pretty sure I started it not long after it was released.  At first I think I set it aside for some reason or other and then mislaid the chart and the threads, once I had found them again I had gained grumpy cat and didn’t think that stitching was a good hobby to have with a cat.  Since then I’ve found out that the two can get along very well indeed – although grumpy cat gets grumpier when stitching is being done and he wants fussing – and I’ve been making up for lost time by doing lots of other kits and charts.

But all this time Enchanter has been there making me feel guilty for leaving him unfinished especially when there was only really the border to do.  So in November I got started again and finished the stitching just before christmas.  Then for Christmas I got a freedom frame and an aristo lapstand so in the days leading up to new year I was frantically backstitching and finally I attached the beads on New Years Day.  Next job it to take him to be framed, I think after all this time he doesn’t really deserve to languish on the waiting to be framed pile.


  • Teresa Wentzler January 4, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Congratulations! You’ve done a beautiful job!! 🙂

  • Tracy January 17, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    What a wonderful finish!

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