Just Be January 2021

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Just Be January 21

Just Be January 2021

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Starting the year with the project that I’m aiming to finish this year. I started with page 16 partially done and just over 23,000 stitches away from the finish. I’ve picked this project to do the 21 in 21 challenge in Full Coverage Fanatics on Facebook the goal of which is to stitch 21,000 stitches on a single project in 2021. I could probably do the same on Trick or Treat but I’ll just pick one project.

I surprised myself by managing to complete over 8,000 stitches on Just Be in January. I finished page 16 and page 17 which was the last full page only partial pages left to stitch now. I think I’m also over halfway through the partial end of row page which is a good place to start in March when it’s next out on the rotation.

I shall really miss working on this project when it is finished. I’ve mostly got background to stitch and just a little on the cat’s paws but it makes me smile every time I stitch on it. That said I shall be really happy to get him framed and on my wall so I can see him every day

In March I’ll be finishing page 18 and making a start on the last row of pages but next up on rotation are a couple of days working on Mooka by Mirabillia

Just Be January 2021
Just Be January 2021

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