It’s Been A While

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Whispers 8th December

It’s Been A While

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Finally another page finish on Whispers.

I’ve had one of those mad few weeks where time gets eaten by other things leaving little or no time for sewing.  Every November and December are the same.  When I counted back the days that I’d actually spent sewing on Whispers it was less time than I had imagined.  There was still some of that bush to stitch but there were not so many colour changes and there was lots of black.

I still did a colour at a time sort of.  This time once I’d got the greens and browns done at the top of the page I started filling in the black, working a length of black and then working one of the other colours in the page.  Amazingly it meant that I was finishing off  the last couple of colours at the same time as finishing off the black, if I’d tried to plan it that way I would have failed miserably.

That should be the last of the bush for this row of pages, a little bit of background but lots of dress coming up.  Also time for a little break from Whispers, when it feels like it’s taking ages then it’s time to treat my eyes to another colour.  Time to get Alice Loge and the soft pinks and yellows out for another page.

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