A Little Late Update

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Alice Loge 21st June

A Little Late Update

July 1, 2014 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

Oops got everything ready but forgot to add a post.

Page 2 of Alice Loge completed on 21st June but then I got distracted and never got around to posting it here.  You can see more of the book now, the next page should have more of the details from the book page but I like how it’s looking so far. There’s also lots of confetti stitches in the book pages so although I can get through the background quite quickly the book slows me down again.

At the moment I’m swapping between this and QS Arthur.  When I took Arthur away on my day trip I put the bobbins from my master set into a little box so I’ve decided I may as well get him finished before putting the bobbins away again.  Besides having the bobbins to hand while I work makes it easy to replenish the threads on the organiser as they run out.  Once Arthur is finished I’m planning on getting onto Whispers again in the hopes of getting that one finished before I get distracted by another new start.

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