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Computer Catastrophes 14th June


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I don’t think any of my sewings are completed perfectly correctly.  It seems impossibe to get every stitch in exactly the right place and most of the times little mistakes like that are never noticed by anyone other than the stitcher.  For the stitcher it may as well be highlighted in flashing neon “You went so wrong here”.  With the wrong stitch in the wrong place you usually only notice when you can’t put the right stitch there or when you can’t join up the stitching because you miscounted somewhere.  For me the worst mistake is the one I made this week on Computer Catastrophes.

I’ve been happily stitching away grateful that the fabric was now playing nicely and I was getting some good blocks of colour done.  Then I finished the colour in my needle and there was no more on the thread organiser so I go to my master bobbin set to cut another length when I discover that the colour on the bobbin isn’t the colour I’ve just been stitching.  I checked the symbol and the colour number at least three times and no matter how I checked the bobbin was still right.  So at some point I had the wrong colour on my thread organiser and I don’t even know which page the mistake happened on.  Panic.

After a little scream and some deep breathing I sorted out the area I had to unpick (carefully because the fabric hates me and is likely to come apart with the unpicking).  Once that was fixed I stitched over the odd little stitch here and there that was the wrong colour.  Luckily the colour I had stitched was cream when it should have been blue so it covered up well.  Now I know that there are some parts in one area that are still the wrong colour, but that area is finished and it doesn’t look wrong.  I only see it as wrong because I know that it’s wrong, but it’s staying as it is.

Computer Catastrophes 14th June
Computer Catastrophes 14th June

Finally though the page is finished and so is the row.  I don’t think I have ever been so glad to get through a page.  Next up is another page on Mini Lost In You, the randomiser was double checked just in case it hadn’t updated from the previous roll but it insisted on the mini.


  • Sam June 16, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Nicola, so glad you got to a solution you feel happy with!

    It’s look great anyway from the photo!

    Enjoy lost in you, looking forward to the next instalment!


  • Juut July 25, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    gorgeous stitches

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