A New Start

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Alice Loge 19th July

A New Start

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Today I bring you the first page of a new start.  I finished the first page at the weekend buy only just got around to updating the blog.

The chart is Alice Loge and is by a company called Tilton Crafts.  Typically being the first page it’s also just background, some very pretty colours though.  I did have trouble getting a good photograph of the colours, hopefully it will get easier as I get more of it done.

In total this design uses 135 colours so I think there’s going to be lots of confetti stitches in there.  I have got the other Alice charts in the series, I seem to have lots of Alice charts by various different artists so I expect that one day there’ll be an Alice themed wall in the house.

I was going to swap to Whispers after this page but I ended up starting the next row on Eternal Promise instead.

Alice Loge 25th May
Alice Loge 25th May

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