Long Running Page

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QS Arthur 14th June

Long Running Page

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QS Arthur has been on the back burner recently.  He gets picked up and a few stitches added now and again but no concentrated effort for a while. It’s all because I’m stitching him using half cross stitches so I’m avoiding working in columns to minimise the effect of lines appearing on my work.  I’m also using two strands of thread for the coverage, using q-snaps so I can’t use parking and there’s so much confetti that it’s getting very bulky in places on the back.  Sometimes it just makes me want to scream.

Then yesterday I had a day to myself in a hotel room while DH went elsewhere.  A whole afternoon, evening and night with nothing else to do but stitch (I did take some knitting but that never left the bag, but you need to be prepared).  QS Arthur is currently my only portable stitching project so bobbins were bundled up and spares wound onto new bobbins because it really wouldn’t do to run out of a colour at the wrong time.

After my blissful guilt-free stitching day I was able to get page 4 of Arthur finished.  Big celebrations but I know that page 5 is going to be just as bad but after that it’s just partial pages to stitch.  Now I’m moving again on him I’m going to keep him in rotation with Alice because it will be good to know that he is done.  I may end up working him in half page chunks for the next page though.

Now I’m back home I’m going to get back to page 2 of Alice Loge

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