Who Needs Plans

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Who Needs Plans

April 13, 2014 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

I really shouldn’t make plans I always end up breaking them.

I did start with QS Arthur but it didn’t end well.  I’m working Arthur in half cross stitch using two strands but I found it so frustrating not to be able to work the confetti patches as I normally would.  I didn’t make any mistakes but I ended up really frustrated and not wanting to work on him.  Instead I swapped him with Into The Sea, the project that I was doing at work during my lunch hour.  Still the half cross stitch but more blocks of colour and a more relaxing stitch.

Here she is with page 3 now complete.

Into The Sea 13th April
Into The Sea 13th April

As for Arthur, well he got taken into work and is now my lunchtime project.  As I know I only have a short time to work on him I’m a lot more relaxed about how much I can get done in that time and find it easier to focus on the colour in my needle.  Still not sure what I feel about working in the half cross stitch, at the moment I wouldn’t start anymore in that way but I’m not planning any more new starts for now so that isn’t something to worry about.

Three completed cross stitches went to the framer yesterday so now it will be at least two weeks for them to be ready to collect.  Now though it’s back to Whispers for another page.

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