Trick Or Treat August 2020

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Trick or Treat Crop

Trick Or Treat August 2020

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In the new rotation Trick or Treat is getting worked on for two weeks every other month. It’s my largest project and I really want to see some progress with it. The reason I started with it this month is because I want to be able to work in it in October.

I have already completed four pages and the last time I worked on it I’d decided to try stitching across the remaining pages on the first row. It’s much easier to do that with Pattern Keeper because it stitches all of the pdf pages together so I no longer have to do the complicated trying to work things out over page breaks. I did have page five mostly done and so on this rotation I concentrated first on getting that done before continuing with page six.

I’ve decided to go back to pages because I got some nice custom stickers from Etsy that say Page Finish so I can use them in my journal. I am working across the page lines though so when I finish a page I’ve usually ventured into the surrounding pages which will become clear when you look at the pictures of my projects.

I finished Page 6 too, grabbed an extra half an hour last night to put the last few stitches in. The area that I’ve stitched this rotation has had very little in the way of confetti to work with my main struggle has been with concentrating through blocks of colour. It did mean some very high evening stitching totals but that will even out as I work through the last few pages on the first row and have to deal with all of the colour changes in the leaves.

Next is a few days on my Mirabilia chart Mooka and then a week on Unicorn by Lorna Laine from Geckorouge. I’ll see you then with another update

Trick or Treat 13th August 2020
Trick or Treat 13th August pages 5 and 6 complete

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