Spring is here

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Spring is here

April 16, 2010 Nikki 1 min read No Comments
Fairy Tales 16 April
Fairy Tales 16 April

I’ve been enjoying catching up on Fairy Tales this week I finished page 4 and got onto page 5 which means I’m now about 45% of the way through.  There’s a lot more of her hair on this page though so it’s lots of changes of dark browns and it can be a bit more difficult to see the difference between them all.  Parking and working in columns really makes a difference for me.  But I did forget to park the colours in the next pages and finished them off instead there isn’t so many colour changes so it shouldn’t take too long to get them all started again.

I’ve treated myself to some bars for my millenium frame so I can swap this piece onto them.  I really like the tension I can get with this frame it holds the fabric nice and taught.

Pretty spring rainbow

I used a different camera to take this picture and found some pictures I took a few weeks ago, it had been a lovely sunny day  before it began to rain so there was a beautiful rainbow that just got brighter and brighter.  Luckily I had a filter for the camera so I was able to get a nice picture it really makes me think of spring when I see rainbows.

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