Just Be September 2020

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Just Be September 20

Just Be September 2020

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Back to Just Be after a little break when I was finishing Eternal Promise. This project gets two weeks every other month alternating with Trick or Treat which is as close as I’m going to get to a focus piece at the moment. I seem to pick a focus piece when I still have a lot to do on a project and then it gets a little disheartening when I’m still working on the same project ten months later.

At the start of the month I was nearly finished with page 13 which was the first page of this penultimate row of pages. I finished that off after a couple of days of stitching and then it was straight on with page 14 which I also finished during the row of pages.

Page 14 saw me get back to the cat, finishing off one of the lenses on his sunglasses and working some more through that fur. There was a small sliver of the collar that he is wearing and I’m expecting that to contain quite a bit of confetti. At the moment though it’s all plain sailing, the odd section with colour changes but nothing too challenging.

I did make a small start on page 15 to fill in a little bit more of his face and his mouth. Next year I’m going to be doing the 21 in 21 challenge in Full Coverage Fanatics on Facebook. The aim is to stitch 21,000 stitches during 2021 and at the moment I have just over 28,000 stitches left to work in this project and with one more rotation on Just Be this year in November I’m confident that the challenge will get me to the finish point on this project..

Just Be September 2020
Just Be September 2020

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