Into The Sea page 10

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Into The Sea 26th December

Into The Sea page 10

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And here we are all caught up.

I decided that I would try to reduce the number of projects that I have started by rotating between two projects.  One is The Gamer which was my most recent new start and the other is Into The Sea because she’s nearly half done and I really enjoy stitching her.  I think that the blocks on this one will balance the confetti of The Gamer.

I hadn’t stitched on her for a while since I got her face done but she’s on the floor stand now which I find easier for stitching – impossible for travelling but I don’t really do a lot of that anyway.  Besides with the mild winter that we’re having I haven’t needed to take refuge from my stitching corner.

I had a very stitchy day on Christmas Day and managed to get the page finished on Boxing day, I’m working her with two strands and half cross stitch and the colours are really vibrant.  I seem to have stretched the fabric a little while she was on the q-snaps, I expect it will pull in again when she’s finished and washed.

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