End Of The Row

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End Of The Row

October 27, 2014 Nikki 1 min read No Comments

This year I decided to avoid making many goals for my sewings, for me they made the stitching a chore and always got derailed by new starts.  My main goal was to finish Computer Catastrophes and that it would be nice to get another row of pages done on Whispers.  Well I finished Computer Catastrophes and I’ve finished QS Arthur as a bonus and last week I finished my row of pages on Whispers.  There’s no full piece picture of her because that would mean taking her off the stand and I didn’t fancy doing that, she’ll be a surprise for us all when she’s finished.


I’m going to try to avoid many goals again next year even though I would like to see Whispers finished before her fifth stitching birthday.  I’m doing well on concentrating on her at the moment so who knows but I’ll settle for two more rows of pages finished by the end of 2015.  Off to start on the first of those two rows right now.

I may be some time it’s the confetti bush of doom next.

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