Death By Cross Stitch September 2020

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Death By Cross Stitch Detail

Death By Cross Stitch September 2020

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It has been a very good month for Death By Cross Stitch. I had some extra time for stitching thanks to a week off from work which gave me five extra mornings of stitching. At the start of the month I had started page 15 and was hoping to get it finished by the end of the month. By the end of the holiday I had finished page 15 and had made a start on page 16. I had just moved along the bottom so that I didn’t need to scroll the work on the frame.

I found it a bit more of a challenge to work the page up from the bottom, I was unsure whether I had worked the border across enough or even too much. Once I got the bottom section finished I scrolled the fabric and continued with the two stitch border. I was a relief that it all matched up perfectly.

Toward the end of the month I began to feel close to a finish so for one week I used my lunch break to pop up to my craft room for an extra half hour of stitching each day. Then we reached the last weekend of September and I decided that a finish was possible so I spent a little more time on it that weekend and got a finish.

This was my first Long Dog Sampler design and it has been a lot of fun to stitch some of the borders did feel a little tedious at times especially when there was a lot of backstitch to complete as well but it looks so good complete.

I still need to chose a frame for Eternal Promise so I shall pick up one for this at the same time, I already know where I shall hang it. My new weekend sampler stitch is going to be Mary Clayton from Hands Across The Sea Samplers. I made a start on her earlier this year but now it’s time to focus on her and work on the big house.

Death By Cross Stitch Finished
Death By Cross Stitch Finished

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