Arthur Is Finished

September 16, 2014 admin 1 min read 1 Comment
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Arthur Is Finished

September 16, 2014 Nikki 1 min read 1 Comment

My second finish of the year.  QS Arthur is finished at last.

The last page was very small so it seemed more sensible to work pages 8 and 9 together and get him finished.  My first finish done in half cross stitch and I’m still in two minds about it.  The main issue I had was the confetti and how thick that made it feel.  By the end of it I had figured out a method of stitching that helped me to cope a little better with the constantly changing of colours.  I do like the depth of colour that the two strands seemed to add and the half stitches really helped me get through the blocks of colour in the background.

Would I do it again?  I’m not sure, I’ve still got Into The Sea which I’m also stitching in half crosses and that is going well at the moment.  Once that one is finished I might have a better idea whether it’s the thing for me or not.

Whispers is now the focus project and Into The Sea is being stitched during lunchtime at work and is easy for travelling away for those not at home stitching sessions.  I’d really like to get Whispers finished next year so I’m going to need to spend a lot more of my stitching time on that one.

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  • Alicia September 18, 2014 at 4:28 am

    Congratulations Nicola!! Great achievement to have another finish.
    xo Alicia

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