Aching Shoulders

May 3, 2012 admin 2 min read 1 Comment

Aching Shoulders

May 3, 2012 Nikki 2 min read 1 Comment

Ouch my shoulders ache.  Spent all evening stitching because I thought I could get my page finished on Whispers.  Yes I did it and it only took me a week.  I’m not sure what it is about her but she really seems to stitch well and I barely notice the time on her.

Whispers 3rd May
Whispers 3rd May

This page I finally got some proper foreground to stitch.  I’ve had little bits of the wings on other pages but this time I got to do some of the feather detail and it looks gorgeous.  The colours in the wing are the same colours that I’ve been using for the background and the trees but they just stand out so well.  I did a bit of parking this time around as well so it could be that it felt quicker as I wasn’t starting and finishing colours so often.  Just another wing page and then I reach the page that has her face on it.

I tried some platinum plated needles.  Not entirely sure how well it lasted, the needle I finished with was dulled but I think I might have mixed it up with my other threaded needles and they got switched around a lot.  Not sure that I noticed a lot of difference so I might stick with my cheaper needles as I don’t feel bad about discarding them when they start to drag.

So my page is finished and the random selector has been used to see what will be stitched on next and it’s Snow Girl again.  It will be nice to get another page done on this as she is so beautiful and I really want to get her done but there is a little part of me screaming to stitch one of my dragons.

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  • dulcinella May 4, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    I think this piece is coming along really beautiful. You always seem to make so much progress.
    As to the platinum needles, I use them for the 28 and 32 ct linen pieces where there is very fine work needed. As to the other projects, where you can hardly see any fabric, I usually stitch with cheaper needles. I really notice a difference, but as the platinum ones are rather expensive (and I do loose lots of them), I can’t afford to use them all the time. But if you do not notice a real difference, I would not worry about it. Happy stitching weekend!

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